AppCom lets a school system to communicate with the parents on their smart phones. A green initiative and an efficient way to engage the tech savvy parents would ensure that the communication between the parents and school is efficient and secure. Hosted in a secure cloud environment, the SchoolConnect lets you reduce your costs and increase the efficiency of your teaching staff.

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An innovative initiative from your hospital to the parents of a newborn lets them track the health, growth, allergies, immunizations that are required for their little one.

BabyDoc allows the doctors and admin staff communicate with the parents on a need basis and ensure they visit the hospitals for the immunizations and other periodic check ups.

A completely branded application for your hospital will give information about your hospital to any one looking for features like medical tourism.

Please contact us for a demo to understand how the BabyDoc can help your Medical facility to improve the ROI.


Mobile applications customized for your educational institution and students.

Allowing you to build a brand for the institution, the app allows the management to efficiently communicate with in your organization.

GIS Inspection Management System

Using technolgies like ESRI, Google Maps, Pyrus can provide solutions that allow your organization
to monitor projects that are carried on at multiple geographical locations.

IT Development Services

Cost effective IT development using Microsoft Technologies,J2EE based technologies, and Relational databases.
Efficient cloud based solutions for your business to keep a check on the IT costs.

How can Pyrus help your business:

Customer retention : Every product is designed to keep your organization in constant touch with your customers. enhanced ROI, : Our team can sit with you and explain how these products will mean an enhanced Return on your Investment Minimal IT costs : Pyrus suggests the usage of cloud and that guarantees that you only pay for what you use.

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